About Company

Our Vision

Building our values to be Number 1 Leading specialized pharmaceutical organization that will be achieved through continuous growth with higher market share of our business. Keeping a high standard of hard working, responsibilities, performance, ethics, that have always been focus to the way we operate.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To produce & supply human health products with a pioneering approach for the benefits of media & humanity Carry out the road map strategy & goals via outstanding extraordinary performance in terms of sharing of success, experience & win-win situation.

Our Values

  • Ethics :   We dedicate ourselves to the highest ethical standards
  • Trust and Respect Each Other:    Every job at Sunny Pharmaceutical is important and every Sunny Pharmaceutical staff member is important
  • Teamwork :    We act as a team, developing ties of mutual trust and respect
  • Ensure Quality :    Quality is a cornerstone of all of our activities
  • Customer Focus :   We will always seek to understand customer needs and our focus will always be on achieving customer satisfaction
  • Creativity :    We will not be complacent and will always seek to create new value
  • Competitive Focus:   Our eyes will always be directed to the outside world, and we will continue to create better value faster
About Company
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